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The Spirituality of Success: Getting Rich With Integrity

Год выпуска: 0
Автор: Vincent M. Roazzi
Страниц: 0
ISBN: 0970698879
THE SPIRITUALITY OF SUCCESS Getting Rich With Integrity "I hated myself and dreaded what I represented and had become. What a loser. But the path takes time to develop. Don't judge a person by the moment they're in - their life isn't over. I don't feel sympathy or the need to judge others. It's our destination that counts. One of the best things, for me, was to become an addict. At the time I was in it I was in Hell, but who I am today is partially based on being who I was. Out of the process, I became this new person. Would you rather attain success and skip the process of the pain, sure, but if you like the result now, you can't deny the path. There are reasons why we go through what we do." - Vincent Roazzi Vincent Roazzi is not your everyday success story. Before he started accumulating a net worth in the millions and gaining a reputation as a top-notch sales trainer, he grew up in Brooklyn as a car-stealing gang member. He was a product of his environment in the rough...

Готовые работы

Тема работыТип работы
69 стр. / 6700 руб.
Привлекательности труда в организации
Курсовая работа
35 стр. / 3300 руб.
Место экономической безопасности в системе национальной безопасности
Экономическая безопасность
93 стр. / 9100 руб.
Коммерческие банки как субъект кредитного рынка, их операции и сделки
Банковский менеджмент
87 стр. / 8400 руб.

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