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The Survival Guide for Business Families: Critical Choices for Success

Год выпуска: 0
Автор: Gerald Le Van
Страниц: 0
ISBN: 0415920868
Meet the JacMar family: successful, committed, and--like every other business family--trying to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. The JacMars are a composite of actual business families. As Gerald Le Van follows them from the bedroom to the board room, he identifies the key issues and problems faced by every business family today. Le Van, a highly sought-after speaker and consultant, has helped many business families successfully navigate through times of turbulence and transition. In The Survival Guide for Business Families, he makes his secrets available to the public for the first time. He leads the reader step-by-step through thirty-nine questions that everyone involved with a family operated business must address in order to plan for the future. Designed as a self-help book, The Survival Guide for Business Families teaches families to recognize the emotional and organizational work that only they--and not their lawyers, accountants or...

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Концентрация производства и определение оптимальных размеров
Экономика предприятия
Курсовая работа
25 стр.
Коммерческие банки как субъект кредитного рынка, их операции и сделки
Банковский менеджмент
87 стр.
Разработка системы управления рисками ООО «***» г.Когалым
Теоретические основы электротехники (ТОЭ)
110 стр.
Совершенствование системы управления рисками проекта в строительстве
Электрические системы и агрегаты
114 стр.

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