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Marketing With Newsletters: How to Boost Sales, Add Members & Raise Funds With a Print, Fax, E-Mail, Web Site or Postcard Newsletter

Год выпуска: 0
Автор: Elaine Floyd
Страниц: 0
ISBN: 1930500114
Marketing with Newsletters is an invaluable business marketing book that shows readers how to use newsletters to sell. This new third edition completely updates Elaine Floyd's classic instruction and includes information on combining new media with print for superior results. Readers will learn how to: Expand a newsletter "concept" into a total news campaign that includes e-mail and Web site news Use print newsletters to drive Web traffic Use postcards to collect e-mail addresses Use e-mail and Web content to build lists for print newsletters Readers will also find advice on what to write about, how to attract attention, tips for effective design on a budget, advice on setting up distribution lists for maximum results, Web resources for newsletter editors and new ways to survey readers online. Elaine Floyd is an expert on how helping businesses sell and market with what they know. She's written several books, including Quick and Easy Newsletters,...

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Образцы работ

Тема и предметТип и объем работы
Коммерческие банки как субъект кредитного рынка, их операции и сделки
Банковский менеджмент
87 стр.
Коучинг как метод развития ключевых сотрудников в организации
Управление персоналом
69 стр.
Состояние и перспективы рынка туристических услуг во Вьетнаме
70 стр.
Совершенствование системы обучения персонала в организации
Управление персоналом
Дипломный проект
71 стр.

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