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Managers, Can You Hear Me Now? Hard-Hitting Lessons on How to Get Real Results

Год выпуска: 2011
Автор: Denny Strigl, Frank Swiatek
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 224
ISBN: 978-0-07-175913-7
The former head of Verizon is talking. Can you afford not to hear what he has to say? “This is an essential read for every manager’s, or aspiring manager’s, success for one simple reason: it is all authentic and it works.” —Ivan G. Seidenberg, CEO, Verizon (from the Foreword) “Even though Denny was a fierce competitor, I couldn’t help but admire him for his strong track record of performance, his no-nonsense approach, and his honesty and integrity.” —Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint Nextel “Denny Strigl is one of the most consummate competitors I have ever known! That’s saying a lot considering the 14 years I played in the National Football League. I have been a front-row observer of his business acumen at Verizon for the past 7 years as the president and CEO of CTIA–The Wireless Association. In this book, in typical Strigl manner, Denny pulls no punches! Managers, Can You Hear Me Now? is a straightforward and honest...

Готовые работы

Тема работыТип работы
Антикризисное финансовое управление.
Антикризисное управление
87 стр. / 9400 руб.
Антикризисные мероприятия в торговой фирме
Антикризисное управление
161 стр. / 15400 руб.
Разработка антикризисной программы предприятия "Санаторий профилакторий"
Антикризисное управление
148 стр. / 15200 руб.
Коучинг как метод развития ключевых сотрудников в организации
Управление персоналом
69 стр. / 7300 руб.

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